Bajutech was founded in 2008. More than 250 professional freelancers work for our business. Our full-service digital marketing and technical consultancy based in New York.

Abu Sayaf is president and CEO of Bajutech. Before being named CEO in January 2021, Sayaf held leadership roles at Bajutech in web design and development and marketing. He has been with Bajutech since 2012 and is known for his bold leadership and enthusiasm for the company’s goal of creating economic opportunities so that people can live better lives.

This passion he spent in Celbridge, Ireland l since his childhood, and he is committed to building a sustainable, high-performing business that takes that mission even further.

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Certified Google Partners

Bajutech has been accepted into the Google Partner network. Bypassing assessments and earning certifications, we were able to demonstrate our Google Ads expertise and skill.

Achieve client goals

The objectives of our clients guide us. We will never take on a project where our objectives do not coincide with those of our client. Only when our clients succeed are we successful.

Why We Win

We’re at the heart of caring for your brand and providing the outcomes you require. – It’s how we all come out on top.

Our Team

Bajutech is made up of smart and passionate digital professionals who have worked in a variety of industries for years.

Always learning, Always Growing

We Deliver Results



Why Choose  Bajutech?

With all the tools you’ll need to create a successful social network, including a blog, photo, community, event, video, and subject.

Active Development and Docs, as well as multiple support platforms (ticket, skype, community, and online chat).

Since everything is from the Bajutech Team, there is no need to deal with 3rd party developers or compatibility problems between developers.